Search Engine Optimization: Get an Optimized Site Without Breaking the Bank

It’s no secret that SEO is important. But how much do you have to pay? Well that’s the million dollar question. It really, really depends. But one thing you want to do is make sure you’ve got a solid foundation for SEO. Since LeapFrog isn’t a full custom-build with all of the research required to get huge results, there are no guarantees. But rest assured that your site will be SEO-optimized so that if your business is doing the right things and getting noticed online, it won’t be your website code that will be holding you back from getting those Google rankings.

One of the Best SEO’s on the Planet?

Our team has been called one of the best SEO’s on the planet, and it’s hard to argue with our results.

Get It Done Right

When you have a world-class expert setting up your code, you can rest assured it’s being done right.

Rock Solid (But Keep in Mind It’s Not a Full Custom SEO Contract)

To reiterate, with LeapFrog you are not getting the full SEO package, but you are getting a rock-solid SEO foundation from someone who knows how to build the best. 

Leap Past The Competition Online

Get an Affordable Custom Web Design with Basic SEO

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