Owning a small business provides a unique opportunity and potential for growth. However, owning a small business also presents a set of personal challenges as well. Chances are you are facing limited resources, which is why you’ve got to get the absolute most mileage from your marketing initiatives. It’s even more crucial in this context that you have a cost-effective, user-friendly website that gets you noticed by potential clients and search engines alike.

How to get the most bang for your buck with your website investment? Hands down WordPress is the best choice for your small business CMS. Here are the top six reasons why.

#1 It’s Open Source

When budgets are tight, innovation and collaboration are two of your best allies and working with an open source product provides that benefit. WordPress is free to download for anyone.

Now what you choose to do with the WordPress Source Code is entirely up to you. Even if you DIY, there is a great deal of functionality that is readily available to make your website work well for you.

If you are keen to customize and if you’ve got the budget, you can always have a WordPress Developer work on your site to help it most effectively address your needs.

#2 It’s the Most SEO Friendly

As a small business, visibility is at the core of your business, from deepening your brand to consumer engagement to lead generation and conversion. To accomplish this, your website must be appealing to search engines.

WordPress is the most SEO friendly CMS out there. WordPress was developed specifically to appeal to search engines, so it is intrinsically enticing. A number of features and settings are tools designed by default to draw search engines. This means streamlined, highly effective SEO. Having Google pull your site to the top of the rankings may be just the push that you need to acquire an edge over your competitors, especially in a crowded marketplace.

What’s more is that WordPress, by design, has a number of plugins that will help to enhance your site’s SEO (which we explore in more detail below).

#3 It Has Tons of Development Support

There is also loads of support and tutorials available for this easy-to-use CMS because WordPress is so popular. As this platform is open source and the favorite of many web designers, there is constant development going on, from the framework to customizable plugins. This style of development evolves alongside the users to support their needs, so it will only keep getting better.

#4 It Has a Low Cost of Ownership

Keeping costs under control as a small business owner can mean the difference between staying afloat or not. As WordPress is a free download, your upfront cost to establish your website (and launch your business digitally) is low.

When paired with an affordable WordPress hosting for small business, Not only will WordPress save you money in upfront costs, it will also save you time as well because it is so easy to use. And as any small business owner knows, time is money!

#5 It Has Many Free and Cheap Plugins to Enhance Features

There are literally thousands of low (or no) cost plugins for WordPress available. They are also easily customizable, which means that you can deepen your brand and offer greater value to your website visitors. The added benefits that plugins will provide to your users, in turn, will appeal to Google, helping your search rankings.

#6 It’s Easy to Use

To push your business ahead, your time is better spent executing on growth targets and expansion, rather than investing hours and hours in learning a complex CMS. WordPress is so easy to use that even beginners can master much of its functionality swiftly. Even the most low-tech folk can update content themselves, eliminating the need for a professional designer.

Not only is WordPress cost-effective and easy to use, it is also safe and handles multiple users well, which is an added bonus in a small business environment.